Breathable Dog Soft Cotton Mouth Mask Pet Respiratory PM2.5 Anti Dust Protective Mask (Grey, S)

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US $16.99 - US $17.99


  • GREY
  • 粉色

GREY Size:

  • M
  • 均碼
  • M

粉色 Size:

  • M
  • 均碼


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Product Description

Environmental materials: Made from eco-friendly non-woven fabric materials,Keep the mask sealed and comfortable.
Comprehensive protection: Protect pets from smoke, dust, pollen, PM2.5, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, etc.
Humanity of the design: Pressure-proof sponge pad inside the mask to protect the dog's upper jaw,and it is comfortable and breathable.
Adjustable design: Two way adjustable strap, adjustable length according to the dog's mouth.
Rich in size: PM2.5 Filter Anti Dust Mask, Available in 3 sizes.

Material: Non-woven Fabric.
Color: Gray, White(optional)
Size: S,M,L for optional
Package Size: 18*12*3cm
Package Weight: 30g

Wide application rang:
Dogs with respiratory tract diseases or respiratory sensitivity,Have allergies, etc.
Air quality is bad when weather goes out to wear.
Pups and old dogs.
It is recommended to wear when going out for medical treatment.
It is recommended to wear during the pollen season.

Note: First time wear will have conflict behavior, need the owner's encouragement,Outgoing wear with traction rope so that dogs are accustomed to wear.

Package List:
3 x PM2.5 Filter Anti Dust Mask

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