Tungsten Rings

Welcome to the palace of tungsten rings. Most tungsten rings you have met are in black, white or some color as gun metal. Of cause, "The Lords Of The Rings" is just an exception. Tungsten is a comparing expensive metal than sterling silver rings. Tungsten rings sent forth a noble and understated charm. So they are loved by men and women worldwide.
Yoyoon offers special designed tungsten rings for men and women, tungsten carbide promise rings for couples. You can choise a color form black tungsten rings, classic white tungsten rings, gold plated tungsten rings. The styles of tungsten rings we provide including inlayed tungsten rings, extra wide tungsten rings, grooved tungsten rings, engraved tungsten rings, tungsten wedding bands and CZ tungsten rings.
How can tungsten rings be the most popular wedding bands? they even have no bling and sparkling body. In fact, strong, durable and heat resistant characteristics of tungsten make it a perfect metal for jewelry. For the same tungsten wedding bands become desirable choice. Think about that, every couples is in the faith of making love last through the years and keeping a promise ring around finger forever. So does Yoyoon hope.
Polished tungsten rings is scratch resistant, virtually maintenance free, and will retain its amazing shine year after year. After you realize the advantages of tungsten rings, enjoy your shopping !